I work with film and video because movement fascinates me. My work involves focusing on objects in nature that traditionally do not move much (for example mold, insects, and plants) and then develop  ways to emphasize the attributes that  they have.  Through this, the objects inherit new characteristics and hence new meanings and values. The pieces I create, often have one foot based in reality, the other on the environment and the other in science fiction (yes that is three feet). I use various editing techniques, masking, compositing, time-lapse photography,  computer generated effects, and animation to create moving images that address themes of sustainability, consumerism, and the environment.  Audio design plays a large role in my practice and I like to find sounds in nature or my kitchen then use audio editing programs to alter a sound’s characteristics to compliment the video.


Nature provides me with a sense of inspiration and peace and I am always seeking ways to work with it, in it, and share it.  I believe that nature holds universal truths and through careful observation,  it speaks to us.  Through these observations, I look for the connections that help me understand life on this planet and incorporate this into my work.