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A Day in the Life

In 2001 I had the privilege of collaborating with my exceptionally talented friend Corey Kirschner.  We created a musical for children called, “A Day in the Life.”  The story followed the day in the life of a 10 year old girl and all the trials and tribulations that she was faced with during her day; from the dilemma of deciding what to do with some new “found” money, to the rejection of being picked last in gym class, to choosing which

friend to work with on a science project. 


The crafty writing and catchy songs were adored by teachers, parents, and kids of all ages.  It toured throughout Colorado from 2002-2006 by way of school performances, festivals, libraries, and museums.  In 2003 we were chosen to be a part of the Young Audiences of Colorado roster, an arts-in-education organization.


Although we no longer tour the show, I hold the creation of “A Day in the Life” as pivotal step in my journey.  I am honoured that Corey and I were able to touch so many lives with this creation.
Composed, arranged, performed, and engineered by Corey Kirschner
Lyrics and concept by Dawn George