Feb 4, 2016 Supplies

posted 31 Oct 2016, 10:42 by Dawn George   [ updated 2 Nov 2016, 11:15 ]

Funding – check (thanks Afcoop)

Mentor (the fabulous Herb Theriault) check.                                            Supplies



7 buckets various sizes

1 set of neoprene chemical resistant gloves   
Safety Glasses 
N95 Respirator                        


Stir sticks or plastic slotted spoon

4 Litre Measuring cup

Tarp or junky towels



Vitamin C

Crappy instant coffee (is there any other kind)

Washing soda



Fixer, Hypo Clear, and Photo Flo and 9 rolls of tri-x black and white super 8mm film - courtesy of Afcoop - check


All of this cost me about $80 some of it I got at the dollar store.  The most expensive thing was the thermometer.
Some of it I had around my house like the respirator and smock and junky towels. I was told once these materials are used for film developing they are ONLY EVER used for film developing.
No cross contamination of household items and film supplies please.