See Weeds Still 01
Woohoo!  Just received word that I am the successful recipient of the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative’s  (Afcoop) Celluloid Creation Grant to make my next project  See Weeds! 


“See Weeds” is a five minute examination of three weeds and each weed’s direct effects on film stock via hand-processing.  The film aims to not only reveal the visual characteristic of plants but also of filmic qualities that each plant will impart on the film stock.  I plan to film three plants easily accessible Nova Scotia – Colt’s Foot, Dandelion, and Goldenrod each with two rolls of tri-x black and white super-8 and develop them in their own essence (boiled down greens and flowers) .  A special thank you to Dagie Brundart, my inspiration for all of this!


I love film I really do! I love the look, the texture, the quality, and especially the tactility.  What I don’t really like is the environmental impact.  One could, argue at nauseam, the environmental impacts of digital vs analogue in image creation but chemically it just feels wrong; it also smells wrong this liquidy goo to develop film, not to mention the fact that I have to transport it by plane to Toronto (and back) to get a developed image.  Did I mention that it is also expensive?  Welcome to the log of my experiments to find a more environmentally developer and perhaps more affordable way to process film.  A the very least it will be a fun experiment, at the best I’ll make a groundbreaking film!