I love bucket processing!! It is so fun and easy.  Because it has been difficult to eliminate all of the light that enters my bathroom/darkroom,  I have decide to do bucket processing at night.  The room is absolutely dark this way, I cannot even see my hand in front of my face, at first it is a little unnerving to be in that much darkness, but the more I do it the more I find a peace in the darkness and in a way I can “see” by feeling. 


I shot and processed two roles, one of colt's foot and one of dandelions and processed them both.  I decided to make a new batch of cafenol for each role as I have read that Cafenol is not as stable the second time it is used.


I am also refining my process.  I am measuring the ingredients into little bowels first (instead of measuring them directly on the scale) as it is much easier to control the integrity of the ingredients and its also easier to clean.


Bucket processing is empowering.