March 22, 2016 Test 2 - Grass and Kale

posted 31 Oct 2016, 11:34 by Dawn George   [ updated 1 Nov 2016, 10:42 ]

Grrr… Shot some really cool stuff in the snow but my Sankyo  Super 8 Camera does not like the cold and the cartridge froze up and I could not get it unjammed.  I ended up loosing about ¾ of a role.  I did manage to get a little bit of film shot from this role and developed.  Also, I saved a tiny bit from the last role I shot which I also developed.  For this test I used a grass and kale mix.  I thought kale would be fun because I know it turns super green!



1 Litre Water (with boiled down grass and kale)

40 g Vitamin C

100 g Washing Soda

 18 minutes at 30°C


 Test #





Lights On    





 Time                 Temp


 Time                 Temp 



 Time                 Temp 


 Time                 Temp


18 min.              30°C

3 min. 

6 min.                19°C 

3 min. 


 3 min.                19°C

 10 min.

1 min.                19°C 


Everything has a greenish hue which is kind of cool.  A little greenish, this is good.  But very dark, not a lot of contrast the next time try processing it for LESS time maybe actually at 15 or 14 minutes.  There is not as much contrast as with the cafenol. 


Here is what I learned:

Kale was NOT the best choice to mix with the grass.  I found out kale has extra special qualities that react in very special ways with film rather than just grass. There are so many variables in these experiments - temperature, agitation, amount of weeds in water, evaporation of water, even the time of year a weed is harvested can effect the results.  I will try very hard going further to modify only one variable, or at the very least keep things consistent, this is going to be a challenge.  I also need to find out more "chemically" what I am doing, what exactly is the science behind this process anyway? 

Here is what else I learned:

Boil the ingredients before you set up the dark room, then as your setting up the dark room let it cool.  Cooling down the mixture to the right temperature was a bit tricky this time and I was impatient.  I did wait until it got to 33 and then blocked off the rest of the dark room and did the final prep before it cooled down to 30 degrees.  Also, make sure the timer app is super loud and on "voice".  Always test the multitimer first!!  The phone did well but it could have been louder.

Room is blacked out more but light still comes in.  I still freak out in the dark and need to take more time before beginning the developing process to just get comfortable in the dark.