Apil 14, 2016 Bracket Tests

posted 1 Nov 2016, 11:16 by Dawn George   [ updated 2 Nov 2016, 12:04 ]
A Bracket Test is when you expose one frame of film at various increasing or decreasing F-stops.

I used the 8mm film I developed
After the bracket tests have been developed, the results will help you to determine at which F-stop you should expose your entire roll of film at.
A slight problem with this method when hand-processing is that because temperature can drop and caffenol (and weedoll) are not exceptionally stable, there will always be some slight inconsistencies.

A Bracket Test is still the best method.  Below are the tests I did.  You will notice the word "filter" or "no filter".  The "filter" is a piece of fogged glass placed between the image and the light source on the optical printer.

Today I did bracket tests for:

1   Caffenol no filter
2   Caffenol with filter

    1. Cafenol no filter eye piece open.

    2. Cafenol no filter eye piece closed.

  2. Caffenol with filter (from here on in I always closed the eye piece on the optical printer).

  3. Grass and Kale no diffusion

  4. Grass and Kale with diffusion


Here is my recipe and process:

Standard Cafenol Recipe @15 minutes at 21°C