These are relatively quick projects.  Shot during Afcoop's Super 8 Spectacular Holiday Film Challenges. 
The guidelines for the Film Challenge are simple:
  •    one cartridge of Super-8 film
  •    two-day camera rental
  •    film must be created 'in-camera' (no editing). 
The first time anyone sees their film is in front of a live audience.
Super fun, super 8!

Before, I was... snow


Christmas Laundry





   Snow contemplates its new form.
   Super 8mm in-camera edit  

  Christmas in the Town (2014)
  The spirit of holidays envelopes an unsuspecting town.
  super 8mm in-camera edit  
    AFCOOP's Super-8 Holiday Film Challenge & Screening 2014 2nd Runner-up

        Christmas Laundry (2012)
        Laundry never stops - especially during the holidays.
     super 8mm in-camera edit
     AFCOOP's Super-8 Handmade Holiday Film Challenge & Screening 2012 Winner

          Tough Times for Turkey (2011)

           A live action and stop motion film about the hardships incurred in a

           crowded refrigerator during the holidays.

           super 8mm in-camera edit