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June Bug

 Gratitude Still


  See Weeds (2017)
    Distributed by Video Pool

  An examination of three weeds - dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock 

 via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques.  The film reveals not only the visual characteristic of each 

 plants but also of filmic qualities that each plant imparts on the film stock.

 super-8mm, 16mm, hand & eco-processing techniques, 3 min.

    Distributed by Video Pool
    Up close, mold is an intricate mass of branching filaments and fruiting bodies creating a connected web. 
    When viewed from a distance mold loses its complexities and a more destructive nature is realized.
    digital video, time-lapse, 7 min. 

  Bees 'n Trees (2015)
   Armed with a chainsaw and harness, arborist Ryan Bartlett rescues and relocates beehives from
   urban trees that are on the chopping block.  Ryan's unique Zen-like approach to tree cutting 
   shows us how we can all employ respect, peace, and balance in our work.  Ryan has saved
   fourteen beehives from destruction however, when he visits his own hive a surprise awaits.
   digital video, 12 min 
    Animal Film Festival - Honourable Mention

   Negative Nature (2013) 
   Distributed by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre  CFMDC
   Bugs, slugs, and time-lapse plants are treated in film reversal and embellished with a sophisticated
   sound design; delivering touches of drama and humour to the forms and rhythms of garden life.
   filmed on super 8mm, transferred for digital editing and sound design, 6 minutes
    Yosemite Film Festival - Best Experimental Film
    Canada International Film Festival - Award of Excellence, Experimental Category
    Yorkton Film Festival, Yorkton, SK -  Nominated for Golden Sheaf Award Experimental Category

Adaptation (2013)
An experimental film exploring the impact of technology on the human form.   
video, 11 minutes

Gratitude (2011)
Though inventive animation techniques, combining scrolling text with live action, 
a woman experiences revelations concerning her relationship with material objects,
their origins, and the lives that created them.
video, 6 minutes

            Life on the Inside (2009)
            A man undergoes a strange transformation.
            16mm non-synced sound, 1 minute
      Silver Wave Film Festival, Fredericton, NB Nominated for Best Canadian Short














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